sample box

Unique Architectural Materials

Architectural materials are the physical elements that define a building’s form and structure.

They provide the raw ingredients that, when combined create the visual impact of a structure. From the exterior surfaces to the interior finishes, architectural materials play an important role in the overall design of any building.

Our sample boxes help professionals create something unique, by holding their ideas in their hands, and molding their projects based on their visual belief. Each box we provide, contains pieces of our materials, giving you the chance to fully visualize the true nature and feeling of the product’s color, texture and style.

Each box represents an architectural style.

Delivering high-quality projects

The MICROCEMENT box combines smoothness with strength and modernity, with Nanostucco 500, Nanofin 50 velvet and Nanofin metal. It includes 43 different color options and three products to choose from, each one with its own personality and use.

The ELEMENT box, combines elegance with spirit and creativity, with Element 10 and Element 20. The Element 10 provides a perfect visual idea of the retro look of the product and its 8 different colors. The Element 20 comes, in all it’s different application techniques and its different pallets.

  • MICROCEMENT SAMPLE BOX: Nanostucco 500, Nanofin 50 velvet, Nanofin metal.

  • ELEMENT SAMPLE BOX: Element 10, Element 20.

  • The Sample boxes’ measurements are 21,6 x 15,6 cm and the samples are 14 x 14 cm.

  • Τhis product is for professionals only.

Each sample is created by hand, making sure they are a perfect reflection of the materials and their uniqueness.